Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC), in conjunction with the Florida Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Technology and Learning Connections (TLC) project combined their efforts to provide a series of professional development sessions to assist teachers in Calhoun County School District in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. A series of seven after school sessions provided information on assistive technology and making materials accessible for all learners. The teachers received a color overlay assessment kit and training in how to use the assessment to identify color overlays that may help a student who is struggling with reading. Additional training was presented on the use of visual cues to assist students who may have difficulty following directions. FDLRS/PAEC provided each teacher a subscription to an online program, Lesson Pix, along with the materials needed to make the visuals needed for the students in their classroom. The Regional Local Assistive Technology Specialist (RLATS) from the MTSS-TLC project provided each teacher with an iPad and apps to use in their classroom. Additional sessions focused on how to use the iPad as a device for instruction along with using it as a tool for individual students. The teachers were asked to use the information presented at each session in their classroom and record student progress data. Based on the data provided, every session resulted in positive student learning gains. FDLRS/PAEC looks forward to continuing their support for the use of technology in these classrooms to help every student succeed. The following teachers from Calhoun County Schools received an iPad for completing the training. From Left to Right: Krystal Yon (Altha School), Linda Graham (Altha School), Jodi Medley (BHS), Nancy Mears (Altha School), Matsu Greene (BES), Lisa Lawarre (BES) and Le’Tonya Reed (BES)