Calhoun County Superintendent of Schools Ralph Yoder announced the Calhoun County School District (CCSD) 2017 Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year during a luncheon held at the Blountstown High School (BHS) Tigers Table on Feburary 2, 2017.

BHS Science teacher, Joshua Jeffery was named Teacher of the Year, while BHS Cafeteria manager Yolanda Pittman was named as the School-Related Employee of the Year.

Mr. Jeffery has been teaching at BHS for four years. He teaches anatomy and physiology honors, physical science honors, physical science, and marine science. As part of his application for Teacher of the Year, Mr. Jeffery states, “Students and faculty often ask me how my day is going and I reply ‘I’m livin’ the dream,’ because I haven’t worked a single day in years. Teaching not only has become my career choice, but my hobby and passion in life.”

Dr. Debbie Williams, BHS Principal, shared this about Mr. Jeffery, “Joshua inspires students to learn. It is something about his upbeat, outgoing personality that motivates students to want to learn what he is teaching.”

Mrs. Pittman is in her first year as BHS Cafeteria manager. She has served in various roles within the Calhoun County School District over the past few years.

Dr. Debbie Williams, BHS Principal, shared this about Mrs. Pittman, “Yolanda has been a great addition to the BHS family. She is a conscientious and focused worker. She is friendly and greets everyone, while attending to her many tasks. Under Yolanda’s leadership, the lunchroom is a calm and pleasant place to enter.”

Nominees for the Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year from other school and worksites include:




Altha Public School

Mollie Branton

Mary Frank Brooks

Blountstown Elementary

Matsu Greene

Jessica Coppock

Blountstown Middle

Brooke Hall

Arianne Williford

Carr School

Maegan Russell

Jasper Pullum


Wayne Arick

Faye Smith

Special Programs Office


Belle Stewart

Bus Driver


Michael Morris


Superintendent Yoder stated, “I am so fortunate to lead such an amazing team. The caliber and character of those selected by their peers to represent their school or work site is off the chart. The Calhoun County School District is blessed to employ these people who make an impact, day in and day out.”